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Shores of Plunder is a fast-paced party game where you and up to 3 of your mateys can battle, race and plunder as much booty as you can before the clock runs out. After each round you will return to your pirate ship where you can hang out and enjoy pirate-themed shenanigans.


The matches are fast, fun and full of classic pirate shenanigans. While some players may want to collect as much treasure as they can, as fast as they can, others may want to pirate their way through it by knocking coins out of their opponents in cutlass swinging sword fights, flintlock blasting gun battles, sneaky explosive blasts from powder kegs, and other devious tactics.


There are many pirates to choose from, including famous pirates from history, and each one comes with the ability to select a unique special skill that has a limited number of uses. Designing your own custom tailored pirate is a big part of Shores of Plunder and players will be able to customize everything from the hat they wear right down to whether or not they want to walk on a peg leg. Players will also be able to cash in the coins they earned to buy additional cosmetic items.


Pirates will do just about anything for a bottle of rum and once yours runs out of their special skill they will refuse to do it again until they've had some more rum. Replenish the skills by finding one of the many bottles of rum that are stashed around the island and drink it back. The player will have to take caution because while drinking rum refills the skills, it will also trigger a temporary drunkenness effect which renders the pirate vulnerable to attacks from any nearby players as they stumble around recklessly.


Between matches the pirates will be returned to the deck of ship where they can socialize, brawl, play music, drink rum, gamble their coins away with mini games and have fun. Once the players are ready for another match they simply hop in to a cannon to trigger the countdown timer which will blast the players to shore.


Shores of Plunder is all about having good old fashioned pirate themed fun whether you want to play solo or with your friends, family and colleagues. The online gameplay will be focused around an invite-only style of matchmaking so that players can enjoy a social online experience within a safe environment.